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From Downtown Fargo, to the Fargo Dome, to the sprawling residential neighborhoods, Fargo is North of Normal.

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Catch a show at the Bluestem Amphitheater, hike through the many trails, or enjoy the cozy neighborhoods in Moorhead.

Picture credit Visit Fargo-Moorhead

West Fargo

With new homes, restaurants, and attractions being added, West Fargo has something for everyone.
What Simon Loves about FMWF
"I love the people."
What Kiah Loves About FMWF
"I love the FMWF community! I think people here are fun, healthy, and love to see the people around them thrive! My favorite part has to be all the actives and events we host here all year long! You can always find something to do no matter what your hobby is!"
What Alexis Loves About FMWF
"FMWF is the perfect blend of quaint and urban."
What Kaden Loves About FMWF
"My favoirte part of FMWF is the Prime Realty Office ;)"
What Machelle Loves about FMWF
"My favorite part of FMWF is the people."
What Dustin Loves About FMWF
"I love the people in FMWF."
What Sheyenne Loves About FMWF
"I love the sense of community we have built from individuals who are kind, generous and always willing to lend a helping hand. It's truly something special how it can feel like a big city, but a small world when you make such great connections!"
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3243 Oak Ridge Loop E
West Fargo, ND 58078


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