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So, you have found yourself finally ready to buy a home! So many exciting feelings start to bubble up – the excitement of thinking about the new neighborhood, finding the exact right house, walking through the front door and feeling instantly at home. Along with all these feelings you start to think about the logistical aspects of jumping into the housing market. Who is the right agent that you can trust to advise you on this important milestone in your life? Before shopping around for the right agent for you, take a few minutes to think about the questions below. Knowing what you are looking for in an agent will have you starting the relationship on the right foot!

Do I have friends or family who can refer me to an agent?

Family and friends are a great resource for you to find some names of agents in your area, either that you should talk to or ones that you should avoid. They can help you start to narrow down the potential agents you want to talk to and also give you examples of what it was like to work with those agents.

Does this agent work for a small or large brokerage?

There are brokerages of all sizes, some with a single agent and some with 50+ agents, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Larger brokerages could have a larger presence in the community, but you could start to feel like just a number. In contrast a smaller brokerage can give you a more individualized experience, but don’t have as much community presence. These are just examples, and each brokerage is different, so doing your research on this is important.

Is this a full-time agent?

Not all agents are doing Real Estate as their full-time career. Some people are licensed agents and work only a few deals a year, and others work as an agent 40+ hours a week. You may have to consider if you are okay working with someone who doesn’t dedicate all of their working hours to Real Estate or if a full-time agent is what you are looking for.¬†

How long has this agent been in the industry?

You will want to do some research into how long the agents you are looking at have been in the industry. Those who have been in Real Estate for years could be have valuable experience but could also be complacent or stuck in their ways. In contrast an agent who is newer to the industry may not have as many deals under their belt but might bring some fresh ideas. Each has an advantage and will be something you should consider.

What have I heard about his agent/brokerage?

 Take a moment to think about what you have heard about the agents or brokerages you are looking at. Even before you were looking to buy a home, you likely heard a story or comment from someone about a particular brokerage or agent. Adding up all these individual comments can help you decide between several different options.

Do I feel comfortable with this agent?

You will be spending lots of time with the agent you choose, from the initial meeting, to showings, to that final closing. You want to feel comfortable giving them your honest opinion, and also feel comfortable asking them any questions you may have.

Was this agent responsive when setting up our initial meeting?

First impressions are everything, and that doesn’t mean the first face to face meeting. The real first impression when finding the right agent will be when you reach out to them through email and phone call to set up that initial meeting. Be aware of how long it takes them to get back to you and consider that the benchmark to how long they will take to get back to you during the home buying process.

What kind of support does this agent have from their brokerage?

Agents don’t work on their deals alone. Consider asking the agent when you meet with them what kind of support they get from their brokerage or maybe an assistant they have that could be helpful in giving you the smoothest home buying process possible.

What is the online presence of this agent?

Don’t forgo the importance of the online presence of the agents you are looking into. Spend some time looking at their social media accounts or any website they have. It will give you an idea of who this agent is and potentially some previous clients they have worked with.

What are the reviews for this agent?

Along the same vein of checking their social media, give this agent a quick google search to look at their reviews. Just as you would look at reviews for any product you are buying, you want to look at reviews for the agent you will work with. Zillow and are also a good source of reviews.

Does this agent seemed organized?

Organization is a really important skill for an agent to have. With so many moving parts in a real estate transaction, having an organized agent will help you manage all the paperwork, appointments, and get you to the closing day smoothly. Make mental note of how organized the agents you are talking to are during your first conversations.

Do I have an overall good gut feeling about this agent?

Along with all of these logical factors of looking for a Real Estate Agent, don’t underestimate the importance of your gut feeling. Once you have narrowed down your search to two or three agents on all of the above steps, go with your gut on the agent that feels like the right fit for you!

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