Working in Real Estate Beyond Being an Agent

Working in Real Estate is so much more than just becoming an agent. The industry is diverse and full of interesting career paths. Check out some of the idea below on ways to work in Real Estate that aren't becoming an agent.

Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinators work within brokerages to assist agents with the flow of each deal. They can do a variety of things for agents, such as scheduling meetings or appointments, requesting paperwork from others working on the file, and coordinating with the client. Each agent has a different relationship with the transaction coordinator, but their overall goal is to create a smooth transaction for the benefit of both the agent and the client. You can find more about being a Transaction Coordinator here.

Office Administration

There are so many opportunities in real estate to work in administration. There are many opportunities for marketing positions to generate leads for the agents. Brokerages rely on those in finance to keep their money moving smoothly. Depending on the size of the brokerage, there could be potential for management or lead positions. Most position you would find in a standard office you can find in the real estate industry! You can find more information on becoming a real estate administrative assistant here.

Title Company Closer

Title companies are instrumental in the real estate transaction. They ensure that there are no issues with the title being transferred that might lead to concerns of ownership and handle many of the closing details and escrow accounts. Working as a title company closer is a way to work closely with real estate agents from many different brokerages. You can find more information on becoming a Title Company Closer here.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage Loan Officers are a crucial piece of the real estate transaction puzzle. They look at the financial portion of the transaction to work with those buying a home. There is a high amount of communication between the buying client, the real estate agent, and the mortgage loan officer. Those looking to combine a career in finances with real estate would find success in this position. You can find more information on becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer here.

Real Estate Photographer

Those looing to find a creative profession in real estate could find a niche in real estate photography. The online first impression has become more important than ever, meaning a higher demand for professional pictures for marketing. Depending on the market in your area, you could work by appointment for different brokerages or be exclusive and do all the listings for one brokerage. You can find more information on becoming a Real Estate Photographer here.

Real Estate Stager

Another creative avenue in the real estate industry is a real estate stager. A stager comes to a listing to either change the existing décor in a home or bring in their own décor and furniture to make sure the home looks its best when hitting the market. You can either find an existing staging company to work for, start your own company and work for agents as needed, or find a brokerage looking for a dedicated stager. You can find more information on becoming a Real Estate Stager here.

These careers are just a few examples of the wealth of careers that can be found within the real estate industry. It is full of career options for those looking to work in finances, administration, and the creative arts. Looking a little deeper, there are so many opportunities beyond being a real estate agents for those looking to join the industry.

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