Sunday Scaries to Sunday Funday: Getting You're Mind Right for the Work Week

Ever heard of the Sunday Scaries? It's the feeling you get staring down another coming work week feeling like the weekend flew by. Check out the few tips below to help overcome those overwhelm feelings and turn the end of the weekend into Sunday Funday.

First off, what exactly are the Sunday Scaries?

Sunday Scaries is the catchy phrase describing the feeling of anxiety as the final day of the weekend comes to a close and the inevitable start of the work week inches closer. Though not an official diagnosis by any means, many people will agree that the feeling of the Sunday Scaries is very real for them, so much so that the internet has taken to giving this feeling its own slang term. At its core, the Sunday Scaries are a very normal reaction to the close of the weekend. Just because these feelings of anxiety are normal doesn’t mean you have to let these feelings ruin the final moments of your weekend.

Get Your Meditation On

The main thing to remember with the Sunday Scaries is that they are an emotional response, so overcoming them does require some mental exercises. Meditation has been found to be one of the most effective ways to calm and center yourself when overwhelmed. You don’t need to start a meditation practice alone, grab some headphones and throw on a guided meditation video. Meditation can also have a wonderful effect on your physical symptoms of stress with the relaxation of muscles and slowed down breathing. Sometimes getting yourself to be proactive with handling anxiety is easier said than done, but remember that small steps compound!

How to Meditate

Write it Down to Let it Out

Sometimes leaving all the thoughts in your head can give them space to keep bouncing around. Releasing them onto paper is a great way to get them out of your mind and hopefully give some relief. Writing down your feelings can also give you a clearer idea of why you are feeling anxious about the coming work week and allow you to start to think about ways to stop these feelings from happening in the first place. If you make a habit of journaling you can start to see a pattern of  what is making you stressed. It can be a strong reminder that normal feelings don’t have to be habitual feelings.

Problem Solve Proactively

If you are worried about a specific project at work or you are in a particularly busy season, sometimes your brain needs reassurance that you can handle the responsibilities with a plan. Write down the schedule for the week. When will you will deal with the big projects, and when you will be doing the daily tasks? Your brain will love to see that you have a plan and this can bring your overwhelm feelings down and allow you to enjoy your Sunday.

Get Your Body Working

We have all heard of the incredible benefits of exercise, and these benefits can feel even more intense when you are feeling anxious. The hormonal effect on your body has such a positive impact on your mind. Keep in mind this doesn’t have to be three hours in the gym lifting heavy weights (unless that’s your thing), it can be as simple as a brisk walk outside or a dance fitness video online. Whatever you do, give your all in the workout and allow yourself to feel the relaxation afterward.

Avoid the Self Care That Hurts

Sometimes the most tempting forms of stress relief are the worst for us. Who doesn’t want to sit on the couch for hours binging Netflix, drink a glass of wine while indulging in a decadent brownie, and play hours of video games? While these can provide some temporary relief, remember that they shouldn’t be used to avoid problems or emotions. Allowing yourself to deal with the anxious feelings and then doing some lazy Sunday activities gives you space to enjoy them without the guilt or anxiety taking away their fun.

The Sunday Scaries might be a fun term to throw out, but those who feel it week after week would say the actual experience is much less trendy than the name. If you are someone who is stuck in a rut with Sunday anxiety, give some of these tips a try. Let the end of your weekend become your Sunday Funday!

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