Fall in Love with Your Home (Again)

Lost those fuzzy feelings you first had when you walked into your current home for the first time? It can happen. Check out some of the tips below to feel the love for your home again.

1. Do a little rearrange

Sometimes all you need to do is change up the layout of some furniture to make a space look fresh. Switching a couch from this side of the room to that can have you noticing that large bay window in the front room that you initially loved that you started to pass over. Moving a picture from your bedroom to the living room can have you realizing that you love the way it pulls the whole room together into a cozy space you previously thought was starting to feel a little cold. Give yourself permission to play with the layout of the room and see what strikes up that loving feeling again.

2. Pop the Paint

The subject of painting can sometimes ruffle some feathers, but it truly is a fairly inexpensive way to change the visual impact of a space. Feeling like you need to spice things up? Add an accent wall! Getting bored of the bold wall and need something more tranquil? See what a neutral shade can add to the room. Be sure to shop around for colors and follow guidelines on test swatches to be sure you have the right one. Best part? If you aren’t in love with the first shade, a new one is only a can of paint and some elbow grease away!

Tips to change up your space

3. Add some life

The addition of house plants cannot be understated! They bring an element of freshness, vibrancy, and color unlike any other décor item. Adding a little plant here or there can bring life and love back into a room you previously weren’t really feeling. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb, you can easily get that same feeling by adding some quality fake foliage.

4. Think of all your senses

Adding things that invite the use of all your senses can really make a space feel brand new. What paintings can you add that are visually dynamic? What throw blankets can you add that are dreamy and soft? When is the last time you picked up your favorite candle and let it burn until its aroma fills the home? Turn up the tunes to set the tone in the room. Set out a plate of cookies, even if they don’t help how you feel about they room, they are delicious and worth it! The more you add pleasant things that delight all your senses, the more you will want to spend time in those areas of the home.

5. Fix the Frustrations

Now is the time to finally fix that door that squeaks every time you open it, or the handle that needs to be jiggled 4 times before it will open. These little inconveniences can really start to add up and have you entering each room with a negative mindset. Schedule just 30 minutes one weekend to knock out one or two of these updates you can do yourself. You will be surprised how you view your home when those annoyances vanish. 

You know what they say, love takes work, and sometimes that can be true with your home as well. When in doubt, take a moment to remember the first time you walked into your home, how you felt when you saw the large backyard or the tranquil bedroom space. Remember the time when you imagined your kids enjoying the play area and spend a minute or two feeling gratitude as you hear them play. Remember why you fell in love in the first place!

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