7 Books to Inspire Any Homeowner

Feeling like your home has gotten a little stale as the winter rolls on? Check out these 7 books sure to inspire any homeowner.

1. For the Environmental Enthusiast. Trying to live low-waste can be a challenge, especially when dealing with the stresses of daily family life. Author Julia Watkins shares her tricks to cut down on disposable items to create a more sustainable home in her book Simply Living Well: A Guide to Creating a Natural, Low-Waste Home. With a 4.7 out of 5 star rating and over 1,000 reviews, it is sure to inspire.

2. For Those Looking to Get Cozy. Everyone could use a little dose of cozy, especially during the winter months. That is where Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life comes in. The designs found in this book focus on three C’s: Coziness, Companionship, and Comfort. What more could you want in your home?

3. For Those Wanting to Add a Pop. One of the most common suggestions for those designing a home is to stick with neutrals, but sometimes you just need a pop of color to add life to your home. While this can be daunting, Living with Color: Inspiration and How-Tos to Brighten Up Your Home is the perfect place to start. This guide has not only stunning visuals, but practical tips as well.

4. For Those Who Want a Greener Thumb and Home. Just because there is a lack of greenery outside doesn’t mean there has to be inside! Hilton Carter gives his best advice on how you can grow your own at-home jungle in Wild at Home: How to Style and Care for Beautiful Plants. This guide covers both the visual pairing of plants as well as plant care.

5. For Those Looking to Live With Less. Minimalism has become somewhat of a buzz word, but how can you actually take your home from stuffed full to clean and comfortable? Tackle both the mental and physical obstacles of decluttering with The Minimilist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life. Like the saying goes, less is more!

6. For Those Sharing the Home with Kiddos. A perfectly designed home accounts for all members of the family, including the youngest! Room for Children: Stylish Spaces for Sleep and Play takes the creative approach of taking direct advice from kids on what they would like to see in a home.

7. Those Who Have Furry Family Members. Any dog owner would tell you a house is not a home without their pet! But how do we keep our spaces beautiful and dog friendly? Cool Dogs, Cool Homes: Living in Style with Your Dog is the perfect place to start. You will see everyday home tips, beautifully curated homes, and stories of how rescue dogs turned a house into a home.

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