Holistic Moving Tips

Saying moving to a new home has a bad reputation would be an understatement. Some people would go as far to say moving is synonymous with stress. With a shift in perspective and some holistic tips, you can take on your move with more confidence and less stress.

Check out the holistic moving tips below to tackle the moving process from all angles.

1. Ring a Realtor. Taking on any stressful situation is made that much easier with an expert on your side. All of the questions related to selling your old home and purchasing your new home can be made simple by finding a realtor. You Realtor is the one who will make sure all your paperwork is completed, they can schedule your inspection and closing time, and can be the ultimate helping hand. They are also a key coordinator for all of the other experts needed when purchasing a home. They can solve problems brought up by the lender, the other agent and their clients, the title company, and any other professionals that may be brought into the transaction. Using a Realtor means you have someone in your corner to relieve you of all the stresses of the home buying and selling process so you can focus on moving. The most important factor in keeping yourself well in mind and body when moving is to take all help given to you.

2. Cherish and Celebrate. Leaving your old home is more than leaving a house; it is leaving the wonderful memories, neighbors, and maybe even leaving the city you have loved. It can be an emotional endeavor to think of all you are leaving behind, and dealing with these feelings is an important part of moving. Be intentional in celebrating the time spent in your home and commemorating the life moments that have happened under this one roof. Put playdates in the calendar for your child’s current neighborhood friends, spend time looking at old photos of you in the home, dedicate a family dinner to talking about the good things that have happened in this home and what everyone appreciates about their time spent there. Cherishing these moments can change emotions of sadness for what is changing to appreciation for all the good this home has brought.

3. Tackle the Practical. Have you sent all your family and friends a postcard smiling in front of your new home with a notice of your new address? How about the electric and water company? While the utility companies probably don’t need a personalized postcard, they need to know your change in address just as much as your friends and family. Schedule and afternoon to contact all the places that need to know about your change of address for practical reasons. These are places like your bank, your employer, and the utilities company. Getting these knocked out in one afternoon means a smooth transition when boxes are being unloaded.

4. Progress Packing. We’ve all been told since our earliest days in school: don’t procrastinate. That good advice seems to be thrown out the window during the whirlwind of planning a move. Trying to pack an entire house in one evening before signing on your new house is almost certainly a recipe for disaster. Progress packing is a way to tackle packing, bit by bit. This takes some planning, but it very worth it. Start by planning to pack up things that are rarely used in the home about a month before the move. Then move to things that you can live without for a few weeks or things you have multiple of. As you get closer to the move, continue to pack things you can keep packed until the move, until you only need to pack up daily necessities the day of the move. Keep these items in a spare bedroom or stage room. This makes moving as simple as packing the daily necessities and moving already packed boxes. Not only does this help with last minute stress, but it also makes packing so much easier on your body. Nothing sours the joy of moving into a new home like a thrown out back or twisted ankle.

Facing an upcoming move doesn’t mean you need to sprint through a season of stress and juggling more things than one person can handle. You don’t need to grin and bear it, while throwing your mental, emotional, and physical health by the way side. Being conscious of the things you can do to care for yourself holistically during the move, including the tips above, can make the biggest stress of moving deciding between red or white wine for the house warming party.

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